Date: 11/12/2017

Time: 05:14:54

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Co-operation between The Foundation for Polish Credit Unions and Association of Citizens FULM


Basing on current co-operation aimed at development of co-operative movement and willing to enhance intensification of co-operation, on April, 04, 2008 officially was signed the Co-operation Agreement between the Foundation for Polish Credit Unions and Association of Citizens FULM. The aim of the Agreement shall be comprehensive co-operation between the Foundation and FULM under a new stage of joint activities consisting in exchange of knowledge, implementation of joint projects concerning transfer of professional, technical and computer-related knowledge and projects supported by other international and governmental organizations. FULM Saving House has established partnership with the Michigan Credit Union League in the United States (MCUL) as well as the People Help People Programme. The co-operation with Foundation for Polish Credit Unions confirms its success in credit union movement in the world.




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Updated on 04/12/2017